ECB not necessarily done with rate hikes: Elderson

ECB not necessarily done with rate hikes: Elderson
© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A request reveals the logo of the European Central Bank (ECB) open air its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany March 16, 2023. REUTERS/Heiko Becker//File Photo

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Economic boost within the euro zone is more dull than the European Central Bank expected but the aim is to manipulate inflation, so hobby rates might well unruffled lunge higher, if major, ECB board member Frank Elderson said.

“Does that mean protection rates have peaked? Not necessarily,” Elderson suggested Market News International in an interview printed on Wednesday.

“What we’re seeing is a more protracted duration of dull boost than we were searching at for,” Elderson, who rarely speaks about monetary protection said. “It’s additionally correct that our significant mandate is to bring note balance, and I judge we now have proven we are very definite to carry out that.”

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